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  • 2015/01/10(土) 15:24:27.12

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  • 2023/04/29(土) 12:21:21.15
diary : (noun) a book in which you write down the things that happen to you each day.
dairy : (noun) a place on a farm where milk is kept and butter and cheese are made.
daily : (adj) happening or done every day.

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  • Lakal
  • 2023/04/29(土) 18:40:57.31

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  • Lakal
  • 2023/04/29(土) 18:44:52.07

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  • 2023/05/02(火) 12:31:53.46
ally  : 同盟国、協力者、支持者
alley : 裏通り
alloy : 合金
allay : (心配・苦痛・恐怖などを)やわらげる,軽くする
array : 大群、ずらりと並んだもの

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  • 2023/05/04(木) 12:23:41.81
somber : (adj) dark and without any bright colours.  sad and serious.
drab     : (adj) not bright or colorful.   boring.

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  • 2023/05/15(月) 10:38:35.54
respectful  : (adj) feeling or showing respect.
respectable : (adj) considered to be good, correct, or acceptable.
respected   : (adj) admired by many people.
respecting  : (prep) about or relating to something.
respective  : (adj) used before a plural noun to refer to the different things that belong to each separate person or thing mentioned.

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  • 2023/05/18(木) 10:59:00.84
warn : (verb) to tell someone about possible danger or trouble.
warm : (adj) slightly hot, especially in a pleasant way
worm : (noun) a long thin creature with no bones and no legs that lives in soil.
worn : (verb) past participle of wear.

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  • 2023/05/18(木) 11:04:41.42
invisible   : (adj) impossible to see.
indivisible : (adj) impossible to divide or separate.
individual : (adj) considered separately from other people or things in the same group.

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  • 2023/05/18(木) 11:10:57.29
feast : (noun) a special meal with large amounts of food and drink.
feat  : (noun) something that is an impressive achievement, because it needs a lot of skill, strength etc to do.

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  • 2023/05/27(土) 19:05:28.28
expectation : (noun) what you think or hope will happen.
exception   : (noun) someone or something that is different from others.
inception    : (noun) the time at which something begins.
inspection  : (noun) a careful examination of something to check for anything wrong.

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  • 2023/05/27(土) 19:28:40.17
premiere : the first public performance of a film, play, or piece of music.
preview   : a special show or performance that allows some people to see a movie, play, etc.,
                 before it is shown to the public.

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  • 2023/06/04(日) 11:31:23.24
norm     : (noun) a situation or a pattern of behaviour that is usual or expected.
gnome   : (noun) a creature in children's stories who looks like a little old man.
genome : (noun) all the genes in one cell of living thing.

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  • 2023/06/04(日) 12:07:34.51
virtue    : (noun) morally good behavior or character.
virtuous : (adj) behaving in a very honest and moral way.
virtual    : (adj) very nearly a particular thing.

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  • 2023/06/15(木) 15:30:22.82
mechanic    : (noun) someone who is skilled at repairing motor vehicles and machinery.
mechanical  : (adj) of or relating to machinery.
mechanistic : (adj) tending to explain the behaviour of things in the natural world as if they were machines.

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  • 2023/06/20(火) 12:37:33.93
meter   : the basic unit for measuring length in the metric system.
meteor : a piece of rock or metal that travels through space,
               and makes a bright line in the night sky when it falls down towards the Earth
meteorite   : a piece of rock or metal from space that has landed on Earth.
meteorology : the scientific study of weather conditions.
astrology     : the study of the positions and movements of the stars
                     and how they might influence people and events.
astronomy   : the scientific study of the stars and planets.

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  • 2023/06/24(土) 10:49:45.09
win      : (verb) to be the best or most successful in a competition, game, election etc.
            (noun) a success or victory.
defeat : (verb) to win a victory over someone in a war, competition, game etc.
            (noun) failure to win or succeed.

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  • 2023/06/30(金) 18:41:00.83
sensible  : (adj) reasonable, practical, and showing good judgment.
sensitive : (adj) able to understand other people's feelings and problems.
                   easily upset or offended by events or things that people say.
sensory   : (adj) relating to or using your senses of sight, hearing, smell, taste, or touch.
sensual    : (adj) relating to the feelings of your body rather than your mind.
sensuous : (adj) pleasing to your senses.
sensational : (adj) causing very great excitement or interest with shocking details.

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  • 2023/07/03(月) 10:16:43.94
tempo    : (noun) the speed at which music is played or should be played.
temporal : (adj) of or relating to time.

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  • 2023/07/09(日) 10:39:47.53
inconsistency : (noun) a situation in which two statements are different and cannot both be true.
discrepancy    : (noun) a difference between two amounts, details, reports etc that should be the same.

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  • 2023/07/13(木) 18:28:24.89
fair  : (adj) a fair situation, system, way of treating people, or judgment seems reasonable, acceptable, and right.
fairy : (noun) a small imaginary creature with magic powers, which looks like a very small person.
fairly : (adv) more than a little, but much less than very.  in a way that is fair, honest, and reasonable.

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  • 2023/07/20(木) 10:36:29.26
prim    : (adj) very formal and careful in the way you speak and behave, and easily shocked by anything rude.
prime   : (adj) most important.  of the highest quality or value
primal  : (adj) primal feelings or actions seem to belong to a part of people's character that is ancient and animal-like.
primary : (adj) happening or coming first.  main.  most important.

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  • 2023/07/25(火) 12:35:18.39
gobbledygook   : (noun) speech or writing that is complicated and difficult to understand.
circumlocution : (noun) the use of many words to say something
                         that could be said more clearly and directly by using fewer words.
waffle  : (noun) talk or writing that uses a lot of words but says nothing important.

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  • 2023/07/27(木) 12:21:46.57
sauce   : (noun) a thick cooked liquid that is served with food to give it a particular taste.
saucer  : (noun) a small round plate that curves up at the edges that you put a cup on.
coaster : (noun) a small thin object on which you put a glass, or cup, to protect a table from heat or liquids.
coast    : (noun) the land along or near a sea or ocean.

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  • 2023/08/03(木) 20:52:56.37
latter  : (adj) being the second of two people or things, or the last in a list just mentioned.
later   : (adj) coming in the future or after something else. (adv) at a time in the future.
lateral : (adj) relating to the sides of something, or movement to the side.

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  • 2023/08/05(土) 12:11:57.33
cause     : (noun) a person, event, or thing that makes something happen.
causal     : (adj) relating to or showing the cause of something.
casual     : (adj) relaxed and not worried, or seeming not to care about something.
casualty   : (noun) someone who is hurt or killed in an accident or war.
casualness : (noun) when you are relaxed and not worried, or seeming not to care about something.

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  • 2023/08/05(土) 12:25:57.37
Plato   : an ancient Greek philosopher.
Pluto   : the object in our solar system that in the past was thought to be the planet farthest from the sun
              but that is no longer considered to be a planet.
plateau : a large area of flat land that is higher than the land around it.

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  • 2023/08/13(日) 11:11:16.62
furtive : (adj) done in a quiet and secret way to avoid being noticed.
fertile : (adj) fertile land or soil is able to produce good crops.
futile  : (adj) having no result or effect.   pointless or useless.

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  • 2023/08/13(日) 11:17:42.69
stellar : (adj) of or relating to the stars.    extremely good.
astral  : (adj) relating to the stars.  involving a person's spirit rather than the body.

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  • 2023/08/15(火) 11:23:34.40
zenith : (noun) the highest point reached in the sky by the sun, moon, etc.
genus  : (noun) a group of related animals or plants that includes several or many different species.
genius : (noun) a very smart or talented person.
genial : (adj) cheerful and pleasant.

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  • 2023/08/16(水) 12:57:15.83
proper : (adj)
   (only before noun) right, suitable, or correct.
   (only after noun) the real or main part of something, not other parts before, after or near to it.

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  • 2023/08/21(月) 12:31:08.37
comprehensible : (adj) able to be understood.
comprehensive  : (adj) including many, most, or all things.

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  • 2023/08/26(土) 10:37:36.72
comparable  : (adj) similar to something else in size, number, quality etc, so that you can make a comparison.
comparative : (adj) seeming to be something when compared with others.

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  • 2023/08/28(月) 10:26:54.07
exert   : (verb) to use your power, influence etc in order to make something happen.
exult    : (verb) to feel or show great happiness.
exhaust : (verb) to make someone feel extremely tired.

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  • 2023/09/01(金) 10:52:18.86
shake, shook, shaken
shoot, shot, shot
shock, shocked, shocked
shut, shut, shut

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  • 2023/09/08(金) 10:53:31.44
inordinate     : (adj) going beyond what is usual, normal, or proper.
subordinate   : (adj) in a position of less power or authority than someone else.
extraordinary : (adj) very unusual or surprising.  extremely good or impressive.

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  • 2023/09/08(金) 12:28:09.09
ordinate : (noun) the coordinate that gives the distance along the vertical axis.
ordinal   : (adj) an ordinal number is used to show the position of something in a series.
ordinary : (adj) average, common, or usual, not different or special.

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  • 2023/09/16(土) 11:03:24.53
coincident   : (adj) happening at the same time.
coincidental : (adj) happening completely by chance without being planned.

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  • 不眠症のアメリカ人
  • 2023/09/20(水) 14:23:07.49
There's an amusing poem called The Chaos which highlights a lot of the most difficult spelling and pronunciation oddities of English. Check it out: https://ncf.idallen.com/english.html

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  • 2023/10/01(日) 10:43:01.27
finding : (noun) the information that someone has discovered as a result of their study, work etc.
find     : (noun) something or someone that has been found.

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  • 2023/10/05(木) 11:33:55.88
resilient : (adj) able to become strong, healthy, or successful again after something bad happens.
salient   : (adj) very important or noticeable.
valiant   : (adj) very brave, especially in a difficult situation.

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  • 2023/10/14(土) 13:26:27.70
film : 薄皮、(薄皮で作った)フィルム、(フィルムに撮って作った)映画

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  • 2023/10/14(土) 13:41:30.53
×薄皮 ○薄く透明なシート

film : 薄皮、薄膜、薄く透明なシート

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  • 2023/10/27(金) 18:34:46.33
opposite : (adj) located at the other end, side, or corner of something.
opposed  : (adj) not agreeing with or approving of something or someone.
opposing : (adj) fighting or competing against another person or group.

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  • 2023/10/28(土) 19:29:34.74
while : (conj) (noun) (verb)
worthwhile : (adj)

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  • 2023/11/01(水) 00:26:47.59
I’m @G41ZI04.
II am @G41ZI04.


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  • 2023/11/03(金) 13:38:29.90
door      : (noun)
outdoor  : (adj)
outdoors : (adv)

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  • 2023/11/12(日) 11:17:44.82
forest : (noun)
frost   : (noun)
froth : (noun)
forth : (adv)

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  • 2023/11/23(木) 11:41:03.79
outset : (noun) the start or beginning of something.
inset   : (noun) a small map or picture that is shown on or next to a larger map or picture
                     in order to show more detail.

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  • 2023/11/24(金) 12:34:44.69
homework  : (noun)
housework : (noun)

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  • 2023/11/24(金) 12:49:22.98
want : (verb) to desire or wish for something.
need : (verb) to be in a condition or situation in which you must have something.



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